Hey there! I’m Safira Velasquez and I was born in Guatemala City in 1987. I have always been full of curiosity, so I immersed myself in books, conversations, and trips. By doing so, I got to know my country through its literature, people and roads. Traveling through this Central American country I had many adventures.

Life gave me surprises and I had the good fortune to visit other countries. Often, I marveled until I almost had to wipe away my tears of amazement. However, in no other country did I feel a similar warmth and pleasure as when sipping a typical ‘atol de elote’ in some chaotic and colorful Guatemalan community market.

It turned out that this small piece of land was relatively unknown on the other side of the Atlantic. When I was asked about Guatemala in faraway places, I wanted to give a detailed list of places, food, activities, and tips so people could visit right away. This is precisely what I am doing in this blog.

And I must confess: it’s frustrating to find outdated and false information about places, transportation, and routes on the internet. Relying on the web I would quickly get los if it weren’t for my own experience traveling the country. So I decided to do something about it: create this blog, gathering my best travel adventures in Guatemala and telling you how to carry them out in the safest and most organized way possible.