The 10 best cafes in Atitlan for Digital Nomads

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The following list of the 10 best cafes in Atitlan for digital nomads you will find very useful. I can guarantee that because I lived on the shores of Lake Atitlan for a few years, so I’ve had enough time to know which cafes offer everything you need to work comfortably for a few hours, without being bothered and without spending a fortune.

The best cafes in Panajachel for digital nomads

1. Té Quiero Coffee & Tea

Té Quiero Coffee & Tea has two locations and in both you will find comfortable chairs, plugs, powerful Wi-Fi connection. They also offer an executive lounge upon reservation.

I highlight the Wi-Fi connection; it is stable and fast. Although sometimes the music is loud, the quality of the internet connection compensates for that. Besides, a pair of good headphones can fix it. I recommend you visit the location in Casa Texel building, since there the menu is much more complete, and the atmosphere is more relaxed.

2. The Little Spoon

The Little Spoon is new in town. In just a few months it has positioned itself as one of the best. The atmosphere is relaxed and perfect for concentrating on work. The menu is varied with affordable prices. It meets all the features of a laptop-friendly cafe: plugs in several spots, comfy chairs and tables, quiet music, strong Wi-Fi connection, and well-made coffee to work comfortably. I am sure that many of us are grateful this cafe was opened a few months ago in Panajachel.

It is impossible not to notice that the owners have put a lot of work and heart into the space. The decoration is a treat to look at and its staff are very friendly and helpful.

Opening hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday -closed on Wednesday-. And 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.

3. Selina Atitlan

It is very likely that you know this chain of hostels that in recent years has become so trendy in many countries. It is not exactly a cafe, but it has a coworking space perfect to work all day. The daily rate (8-10USD) will include a comfortable space to work, coffee, tea and a printing station. I assure you that there will be no better place to work and clear the backlog of work.

The best cafes in Tzununa for digital nomads

4. Los Trece Cielos

This cafe is magical and cozy. It meets all expectations of tranquility and comfort. In addition, the food is very special, and the coffee is authentic. The Wi-Fi connection is not the fastest, but it is enough for handling e-mail and uploading photos. I highlight the super friendly staff. I bet you will want to visit this cafe again and again. Another highlight is how reasonable/low the prices are. Los Trece Cielos very much deserves to be on the list of the 10 best cafes in Atitlan for digital nomads. A 100% recommendation.

5. VEDA Ayurvedic Cuisine

VEDA is the right place if, in addition to a comfortable place to work, you are looking for vegan and gluten-free food. The brunch and drinks called Elixir are the best of its menu. I suggest you order the Mint-Cacao shake from the Elixir Drink menu. It is an injection of energy to continue working in the afternoon. It is an environment full of good vibes and the service is very friendly. Opening hours are from 2:00 to 9:00 PM and it is closed on Monday.

The best cafes in San Marcos La Laguna for digital nomads

6. Circles Cafe & Bakery

This is the quintessential digital nomad cafe. It ticks every box to be in the top 10 cafes in Atitlan for digital nomads. The Wi-Fi connection is the best in San Marcos La Laguna. The atmosphere is calm, and the tables and chairs are comfortable.

It is perfect to work in the mornings since it opens every day at 7:00 AM; and the coffee and breakfasts are the best. Closing time is at 4:00 p.m. It is the only place in town that prepares espressos and Turkish coffees properly. It is likely to be crowded during the day and the staff will ask you to share a table. A warning: you are going to fall in love with the bread.

7. Konojel restaurant

At Konojel you will not only feel connected to your work, but also to the local culture. It is a restaurant with authentic Guatemalan food. It gives you stable Wi-Fi and peace of mind to get your work done for a couple of hours. The restaurant is part of an NGO also called Konojel that works for the food security of women and children of San Marcos La Laguna. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be supporting a local cause. As Konojel’s motto says: Do good. Eat well.

In addition, you will be surprised by the low prices. They have a different menu every day with a homemade, typical Guatemalan dish. Opening hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

The best cafes in San Pedro La Laguna for digital nomads

8. Las Cristalinas cafe

Las Cristalinas has its well-deserved place in the list of the 10 best cafes in Atitlan for digital nomads. The cafe is owned by a local family who have been running their coffee roastery and restaurant for years. The special thing about the place is that the entire coffee process is done right there, and you have the guarantee that it is super fresh.

You can use their tables for hours and they won’t bother you, and the Wi-Fi connection meets the demands of heavy-duty work. Being on a fairly busy street, you do hear the constant noise of the tuk-tuks, but this can be solved with good headphones. Opening hours are 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day.

9. La Terraza restaurant & coffee bar

This cafe/restaurant is ideal for working on hot days in San Pedro La Laguna. The location right in front of Lake Atitlan makes it perfect for inspiration. It has a wide variety of cold coffees and smoothies. From the menu, the breakfast is the best. The internet connection is strong. La Terraza has some tables with plugs and the necessary comfort for a couple of hours. I recommend this cafe for working, especially during the week; on weekends it can be quite crowded and noisy. Opening hours are 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day.

New location and opening hours
La terraza has moved to La Calle de los Sombreros (Hat Street) in San Juan La Laguna, the neighboring town of San Pedro. The new opening hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

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10. Tornado’s Coffee & Garden

This cafe is a hidden gem in San Pedro La Laguna. They have a high-quality coffee of the region. Tornado’s is located away from all the hustle and bustle of the tourist and central part of town. It is a delight not only for the breakfasts and drinks, but also for the really calm atmosphere in its little garden. Wi-Fi connection is stable and fast. You will feel comfortable working here since it is relatively new and hidden. Opening hours are 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day.

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