Where to take surfing lessons in El Paredon, Guatemala

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surfing lesson in El Paredon Guatemala

El Paredon is the premier surfing destination in Guatemala – this is obvious from the moment you arrive. You will see people walking around with their surfboards, and the cafes and bars have a definite surfing vibe. Lots of people come here to surf by themselves, but there are also plenty of people who come to take lessons. The waves here are ideal for both beginners and intermediates. If you are feeling inspired and want to learn, the following are the best places to take surfing lessons in El Paredon Guatemala.


Swell is a luxurious hotel that offers private surfing lessons with the surfboard included. One hour of instruction costs 200 GTQ (25 USD). It is a highly rated place, so you can be sure that you get value for money.

You can rent a surfboard for the whole day for 150 GTQ (18.75 USD), if you just want to practice.

Paredon Surf House

Here you can take a one-hour beginner surfing lesson with a private instructor for 180 GTQ (22.50 USD). The surfboard and rash guard (protective spandex shirt) are included for the duration of the lesson.

I highly recommend this place because it is located right by the sea, and it is one of the few that provide a rash guard for the class. I can guarantee that you will appreciate this when you are in the water.

You can also rent a boogie board for 75 GTQ (9.50 USD) per day, and a surfboard for 150 GTQ (18.75 USD) per day.

Cocori Lodge

Cocori has a lot to offer, and of course this includes surfing lessons. As it is a large hotel with facilities also open to non-guests, surfing lessons are available every day. This makes it easy to book a lesson for the day of your choice.

I recommend Cocori if you only have a few days in El Paredon and need to book your surfing lesson quickly. You can take a one-hour lesson for 160 GTQ (20 USD), which includes the surfboard, leash, fins, and rash guard. These last two accessories are very useful and not many places include them.

You can rent a surfboard here for 80 GTQ (10 USD) per hour. The leash and fins are included.

The Driftwood Surfer

I highly recommend The Driftwood Surfer, one of the largest beachfront hotels in El Paredon. It offers a range of activities and its staff are highly experienced. It is one of the most popular places to take surfing lessons. A one-hour lesson for beginner and intermediate surfers costs 150 GTQ (18.75 USD). This includes the surfboard.

If you just want to practice, you can rent a boogie board for the whole day for 50 GTQ (6.25 USD), or a surfboard for 125 GTQ (16 USD).

El Paredon Surf Camp

If you are looking for the best of the best (good, nice, and cheap) all in one place, I recommend El Paredon Surf Camp. For 120 GTQ (15 USD), you can get a one-hour private lesson, including the surfboard. It was one of the first places to start the surfing movement in El Paredon back in the early 2000s.

El Paredon Surf Camp is part of a project dedicated to preserving natural areas and promoting ecotourism. When it was set up, El Paredon was seen as the ideal place to nurture the growth of surfing as a sport and a source of economic activity for the local community. Rest assured that you will be in the most capable hands!

You can rent your surfboard for a whole day for 120 GTQ (15 USD), or for a week for 600 GTQ (75 USD). The rental includes special wax for the board and the leash.

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