Where to eat in El Paredon, Guatemala

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One of the great things about visiting El Paredon’s black sand beach on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast is the amazing food options! You will find info on where to eat after a fun surfing session, SUP or kayaking excursion, or just taking a sun bath. Check out my list of the best restaurants and cafes for a tasty bite.

Where to eat in El Paredon Guatemala

1. Dosha El Paredon

If you are looking for nutritious, delicious food, Dosha is the perfect spot for you! This vegetarian restaurant that follows all the Ayurvedic principles, and its owner is a trained chef in this ancient practice. You can start your day with a healthy breakfast at Dosha, as it is the house specialty.

It is the only laptop-friendly restaurant in El Paredon, so perfect for those of us who work remotely. Not only do they have great Wi-Fi, but you can also enjoy their comfortable chairs and tables in the garden, all conveniently located near the plug sockets

2. Cafecito del Mar

Cafecito del Mar is the perfect spot for a cozy breakfast in El Paredon. It looks like a small cafe from the outside, but it has an extension in the backyard with more tables, and even comfy hanging chairs under a palapa-roof (made of dried palm leaves).

They serve great coffee, fresh smoothies and even cocktails. Make sure you try their Smoothie Bowl and avocado toasts.

3. Cafe Caguama

This restaurant/cafe is all about partying. Every week they organize events by musical genre: cumbia, electro-salsa, afrobeats, reggae dub, and every kind of eclectic musical fusion you can imagine. Check out their Instagram, as they usually post their monthly events there.

There is a new menu every week, so you can always find something new and appetizing. Plus, they have a great selection of craft beers. It is the perfect place to grab lunch or enjoy a few drinks at sunset.

4. Banana Surf

Banana Surf is four places in one: a bar, restaurant, cafe, and a small climbing gym. Its ambience and delicious drinks make it one of the best cafes and restaurants to eat in El Paredon. It is also a great place to work on your laptop, as it has Wi-Fi connection.

Their connoisseur baristas have truly mastered the art of coffee making, so you can be sure to get a perfect cup every time. Plus, the bread they use for the bagels is absolutely scrumptious.

5. Be Good and Cafe

Be Good and Cafe is the ideal place for a romantic dinner in El Paredon! Its French cuisine and coziness provide the perfect atmosphere for a special night. Every day, you will find a new dish that has been created with care and passion.

It is the only cafe/restaurant in El Paredon that serves a good espresso martini. Do not forget to save room for dessert, because they have the best sweet treats on this beach. Enjoy!

6. Olivian Artisan Cuisine

For pizza lovers, Olivia Artisan Cuisine is our place to eat! This pizzeria is the most authentic in El Paredon, as their pizzas are handmade with their own dough and fresh ingredients of the day. It is located within Buena Vista Surf, a commercial plaza and complex of charming villas.

You can eat on-site, and they also have take-out service. It is an excellent option if you want to eat in the comfort of your hotel or on the beach.

7. Divino Ceviche

Divino Ceviche is a restaurant with a wide variety of fresh seafood. As the name says, the specialty is ceviche (raw fish or shrimps marinated in lemon juice, spices, onions, herbs, and peppers). The portions are large enough to share between two.

Their spicy sauces are a real treat, but if you prefer something milder, I recommend the coconut milk sauce. The staff members are locals from El Paredon village, so the preparation of the ceviches is done in a very traditional Guatemalan style.

8. Sabores Sureños

Sabores Sureños is an Argentinean restaurant serving fresh empanadas (baked pastry filled with meat, cheese, vegetables and other ingredients), choripanes (a grilled sandwich with Argentinian chorizo sausage, olive oil, garlic and spices), and alfajores (two round cookies with milk jam -thick caramelized milk with brown sugar and vanilla- between them) – all prepared in an authentic way. You can also enjoy a great breakfast with a great cup of coffee served in a French cafetiere.

Be sure to try Fernet, an alcoholic beverage that is popular in Argentina. It is made from a mix of 10 herbs fermented for up to four months. This restaurant imports it directly from Argentina, so you can only try it here!

9. Chef in Flip Flops

Chef in Flip Flops is a top-tier international cuisine restaurant in El Paredon. The menu changes weekly, and you can be sure that every dish is a true work of culinary art. Every aspect of the restaurant has been carefully considered: the preparation of the dishes, the quality of the ingredients, and the expertise and creativity of the kitchen staff.

The prices may be a bit higher than in other places, but totally worth it for the exquisite food! It is one of the best restaurants you will find in Guatemala. Make sure to come early for dinner, about 5:30-6:00 PM, as it can get quite busy!

10. Sal de Mar

If you are looking for a beachfront meal in El Paredon, Sal de Mar is the perfect choice! It has a great menu with something for everyone, and the location in front of the sea is simply stunning. Plus, if you are travelling with the little ones, there is a special kids’ menu for them to enjoy too.

This open-air restaurant is huge and offers a great shared space with Playa 14, a brewery with an impressive selection of beers. You can enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool and soak up some sun on the loungers during the day by paying the day-pass, which costs 125 GTQ (16 USD) per person and includes a drink.

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